HTH® Pool Care Algae Guard Advanced 1 quart


Be all clear for more summertime fun! Use this powerful, non-foaming formula to kill and prevent heavy amounts of algae blooms for crystal clear pool water.

Destroys and prevents all types of algae
Swim immediately
Compatible with all swimming pools

Powerful algae control
HTH® Algae Guard Advanced effectively destroys and prevents heavy green, black and mustard algae blooms.

Non-foaming, fast-acting
Add HTH® Algae Guard Advanced directly to your swimming pool water and swim right away!

Compatible with all pools
This product is great for all swimming pools including vinyl-lined and salt water systems.

You’re all clear with HTH®
For best results, use HTH® Algae Guard Advanced as part of your weekly maintenance routine. Works great with HTH® Shock products.


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