Bernzomatic® Classic Brass Torch Kit (14.1 oz Propane Fuel Cylinder)


The Bernzomatic® Classic Brass Torch Kit includes our Classic Brass Torch and one 14.1 oz Bernzomatic Propane cylinder. The torch offers a durable, brass construction and an adjustable, pencil flame profile. This versatile, manual-ignition torch works best for basic projects including small diameter soldering and thawing frozen locks and pipes. For optimal performance, use upright. Limited 3-Year Warranty.


  • Product IconAdjustable, Pencil Flame
  • Product IconManual Start
  • Product IconDurable Brass Torch Head
  • Product IconDesigned for Upright Use
  • Product IconBernzomatic 14.1 oz Propane Fuel Cylinder Included
  • Product IconLimited 3-Year Warranty
  • Product IconModel Number UL100

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