Camco's Dishwasher Drain Pan


Camco's Dishwasher Drain Pan helps prevent expensive repair costs by alerting you to dishwasher leaks that would otherwise go undetected. It is designed to flow water to the front of the dishwasher so that you can see it before any water damage has occurred. Made of durable polypropylene, the drain pan will not rust, corrode or crack. It measures 24-inches x 20.5-inches OD and is made in the USA.

Protects your Floor, Cabinets and Walls: The drain pan sits under the dishwasher and alerts you of a leak by directing water to the front of the dishwasher
Provides Peace of Mind: Receive warning of a dishwasher leak, hose failure or water condensation prior to any damage occurring
Durable Construction: No-break polypropylene will not rust, corrode or crack
Measurements: Measures 24-inches x 20.5-inches OD; Color: White
Made in the USA: Product is made in the USA

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