Loctite PL 500 Landscape Block Adhesive 10 Oz.


Loctite PL 500 Landscape Block Adhesive is an exterior, heavy-duty, premium quality adhesive designed to meet any landscaping need. Excellent for landscaping projects, such as securing block walls and capstones and for bonding brick, stone, timbers, concrete, metal and wood, Loctite PL 500 delivers a quick and easy solution to installing the final course of cap with landscape blocks and the installation of cement paving stones. This formula will bridge and fill minor gaps making it particularly effective when bonding irregular surfaces. With true all-weather application, PL 500 can be gunned directly onto wet and frozen lumber without rolling up as other construction adhesives do. Loctite PL 500 Landscape Block Adhesive formula may be used under a variety of moisture and temperature conditions ranging from 0°F to 100°F.

HEAVY DUTY ADHESIVE: Formulated specifically for outdoor landscaping projects like installing cement paving stones or securing cap stones
ALL WEATHER APPLICATION: Waterproof and resistant to all types of weather ranging from sub-freezing temperatures at 0°F to 100°F
VERSATILE: Provides strong, durable bonds to brick, stone, metal, concrete, slate, wood, treated lumber, timbers and more
COLD WEATHER GUNNABLE: Can be gunned directly onto wet and frozen lumber and will not roll up as other adhesives will
FILLS GAPS & SURFACES: Particularly effective bonding irregular surfaces and bridging gaps between surfaces

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