Marshalltown Tile Spacer, 1/4 in L X 3/16 in W, White


The MARSHALLTOWN Tile Spacers are used for evenly spacing wall and floor tile. They are accurately sized for uniform spacing and easy to remove from soft material. You have your choice of different thicknesses and quantities. The contractor-grade QLT Tile Spacers allow for precise setting of floor tiles while providing some compression to compensate for inconsistent tiles. They are made out of soft, dense foam. You have your choice of size, quantity, and spacer shape. They come in t-shaped or long t. The Tavy® brand Tile Spacers are made of stiffer material to keep line better and will not sink into mud as much. They are easy to use and remove. They come in a circle t shape—you can choose your size. The Tavy® and MARSHALLTOWN Tile Spacers are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
Used for spacing tiles
Comes in various sizes, styles, and quantities
MARSHALLTOWN and Tavy® Tile Spacers are Made in the USA with Global Materials

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