Maxpower Precision Diesel In Bottle - 4 oz


All-in-one fuel catalyst to clean and protect the entire diesel fuel system.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) for ongoing, 360 degree anti-corrosion protection above and below the fuel line
Ultra-concentrated, for use with all diesel fuel systems
Disperses water, preventing formation of sludge deposits/bacteria/fungus
Replaces lost lubrication, extending the life of pumps and injectors
Increases cetane for increased power and performance
Keeps injectors and entire fuel system clean
Keeps system at top performance, avoiding repairs and reducing emissions and smoke
No alcohol / no metals

Note: Pumps are not included.

Fix and protect your entire diesel fuel system with Diesel Mechanic In A Bottle. This ultra-concentrated fuel additive is engineered to protect your entire fuel system from problems caused by Diesel and Bio-Diesel blended fuels. It increases fuel mileage, removes water, stabilizes the fuel, keeps injectors clean, prevents gelling, increases Cetane, and extends the life of pumps and injectors. Mix at 1 oz. per 10 gallons.

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